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Learning from Liaisons: Evictions, ARP Strategies, and More

As the federal ban on evictions lifts and the COVID-19 pandemic continues, education professionals face multiple complex challenges. At the same time, American Rescue Plan Homeless Children and Youth (ARP HCY) funds provide new opportunities for supporting vulnerable students and families. For 30-45 minutes every Thursday (and one Tuesday) throughout the fall, we’ll be joined by school district homeless liaisons to discuss specific strategies to assist families who are at risk of, or facing, eviction, as well as how to use ARP HCY funds to identify and support children and youth experiencing homelessness. Join our Q&A-style conversation to pick up new ideas and tips, and learn what educators around the country are doing to meet the needs of children, youth, and families in their communities.

Thursday, Sept. 23, 3:00pm ET.  Roanoke City Public Schools, VA

Roanoke City Schools developed a system for tracking rental units, is working with public housing authorities to get information to families at risk of eviction, and is directing privately raised funds to help meet the housing-related needs of families experiencing homelessness. Ideas for using ARP HCY funds include additional staff capacity, transportation, and a student-parent resource center.

  • Malora Horn, Coordinator, McKinney-Vento Program, Roanoke City Schools, VA

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Tuesday, Sept. 28, 3:00pm ET. Richmond Public Schools, VA

The Center for Families in Transition at Richmond Public Schools in Virginia collaborates closely with Legal Aid and the local eviction lab to identify and assist families facing eviction. The program supports both a housing navigator and a resource navigator for McKinney-Vento families and youth, with plans for program expansion with ARP HCY funds.

  • Erika Schmale, Center for Families in Transition (C-FIT) Coordinator
  • Lauren Boswell, Family and Student Support Specialist

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Thursday, Sept. 30, 3:00pm ET. Cincinnati Public Schools, OH

Cincinnati Public Schools’ Project Connect collaborates with a university legal clinic and eviction court to identify and assist families facing eviction, and also partners with the local public housing authority to help families access vouchers. Strategies for using ARP HCY include a “Wellness on Wheels” program to provide health services for parents and children, a housing/shelter specialist, and a resource locator app.

  • Rebeka Beach, Manager, Project Connect, Cincinnati Public Schools

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Thursday, Oct. 7, 3:00pm ET, Metropolitan School District of Warren Township and Indianapolis Public Schools, IN

Metropolitan School District of Warren Township and Indianapolis Public Schools work together as part of a regional consortium of McKinney-Vento liaisons addressing eviction prevention and response, and family and youth homelessness. Strategies include working with local judges in eviction courts, local trustee offices, and housing navigators. 

  • Charie Gibson, McKinney-Vento Liaison/ESSA Foster Care Point of Contact, Indianapolis Public Schools, Indiana
  • James Taylor, Director for Student and Social Services, and McKinney Vento liaison, Metropolitan School District of Warren Township, Indiana

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Thursday, Oct. 14, 3:00pm ET, Ohio Valley Educational Services Center, Cambridge, OH

The Ohio Valley Educational Service District (ESC) serves 12 school districts and 2 Career Centers within four rural counties in southeastern Ohio. The regional liaison connects families with legal aid, has begun building relationships with realtors, and is exploring a tenant certification program to help address housing barriers.

  • Stephanie Collinsworth, Ohio Valley ESC, Regional Homeless Liaison

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Thursday, Oct. 21, 3;00pm ET, Toledo Public Schools

Toledo Public Schools is working with the City of Toledo to spend down a multi-million dollar grant to assist families who are facing eviction and families experiencing homelessness, and is coordinating with local agencies to link families with financial opportunity coaches and workforce development. ARP HCY strategies include truancy prevention and supporting trauma-informed work. 

  • Heather S. Baker, Executive Director,  Student Intervention and Supports, Toledo Public Schools

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