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Please note: All webinars are recorded. Archived recordings, powerpoint presentations, materials, and transcripts from the Q&A are posted on our archived webinars page. Certificate of attendance is available upon completion. If you watched the webinar as a group, please contact us to receive individual certificates.

Increasing Access to Early Learning for Infants and Toddlers Experiencing Homelessness

Tuesday, January 31, 2:00-3:15PM Eastern

SchoolHouse Connection’s recently-released report describes the prevalence of homelessness among infants and toddlers in twenty states; gaps in access to early learning programs; and recommendations for increasing enrollment and support. On this webinar we will provide an overview of this first-of-its kind data, and hear from early childhood advocates and a parent in Illinois who are working to ensure all families experiencing homelessness have access to early learning. 


  • Carie Bires, Managing Director, Start Early
  • Aminah-Wyatt Jones, Vice President of Child Development Programs, Ada S. McKinley Community Services, Inc.
  • Mykela Collins, Family Leader for Raising Illinois, Family Ambassador for Ada S McKinley
  • Erin Patterson, Director of Education Initiatives, SchoolHouse Connection

Local Strategies for Reaching Families and Young Children Experiencing Homelessness

Wednesday, February 8, 2:00-3:00PM Eastern

[Hosted by the National Association of Counties]

Experiencing homelessness in early childhood can have long-term impacts on health, education and well-being for both children and parents. Homelessness among young children is often hidden, making it harder to collect accurate data and ensure that these children are connected to the services and resources they need. Join NACoRF and SchoolHouse Connection to learn more about the prevalence of homelessness among infants and toddlers and how counties can reduce barriers and increase families’ connections to health and early learning programs.

Using Data to Advocate for Infants & Toddlers Experiencing Homelessness in Pennsylvania

Wednesday, February 15, 3:00-4:15PM Eastern

There are over 1 million children ages birth – six experiencing homelessness across the US, and 25,788 live in Pennsylvania. Being able to advocate on their behalf requires robust data showing where children are staying, what their needs are, and how they are able to access early learning programs. This webinar will highlight how HOPEPHL (previously the People’s Emergency Center), the Pennsylvania Head Start Collaboration Office, and others have been able to use state and local data on young children experiencing homelessness to influence state policy and practice.


  • Tracy Duarte, Director, Pennsylvania Head Start Collaboration Office
  • Omari Baye, Manager, Building Early Links for Learning, HOPEPHL (previously People’s Emergency Center)
  • Erin Patterson, Director of Education Initiatives, SchoolHouse Connection

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