Annual Reports

Each report highlights the achievements and progress made in addressing the challenges of child and youth homelessness in the United States.


SHC 2023 Annual Report

In 2023, some of our achievements include launching a comprehensive communications and research project to spotlight early childhood homelessness, influencing the development of action plans in six states to increase support for homeless infants and toddlers, and continuing to refine a referral app to boost Head Start enrollments. SHC’s advocacy at the federal and state levels resulted in significant policy advancements, including successful advocacy for the clarification of ARP-HCY fund usage, ensuring the educational needs of over 1.2 million identified homeless students are met. Moreover, SHC played a pivotal role in advancing FAFSA Simplification Act policies, benefiting homeless and foster youth in higher education.

SHC 2022 Annual Report

In 2022, significant achievements included pioneering state data analysis on infant and toddler homelessness, overseeing the $800 million allocation for youth homelessness in the American Rescue Plan Act, advocating for removing financial aid barriers for homeless and foster youth, and advancing bills in four states to enhance the education of homeless students nationwide.

SHC 2021 Annual Report

In 2021, accomplishments included advocating for and strategically using the $800 million American Rescue Plan Act Homeless Children and Youth Funding, enacting 14 state policy reforms benefiting 88,224 homeless youth in 11 states, increasing young children’s Head Start program enrollment in six states through an app, and involving Youth Leadership & Scholarship recipients in various initiatives.

SHC 2020 Annual Report

Despite the ongoing challenges of 2020, including COVID-19, economic crisis, systemic racism, and political divisions, we draw strength from our collective accomplishments, highlighting the power of unity and providing valuable resources and inspiration for the common goal of addressing homelessness through education.

SHC 2019 Annual Report

In our third year, we expanded our impact through tangible and intangible means, surpassing goals, empowering educators and young people as agents of change, emphasizing effective practices, and fostering relationships across differences, leading to the accomplishments described in this annual report.

SHC 2018 Annual Report

In 2018, SchoolHouse Connection achieved several milestones, such as launching the Education Leads Home campaign, testifying at a Congressional hearing for homeless assistance reform, and partnering with Sesame Street in Communities for a homelessness initiative.

SHC 2017 Annual Report

SchoolHouse Connection’s first year was a success, with important policy achievements, robust technical assistance, and leadership from young people in all our programs. Our first annual report provides year-end highlights, goals for the future, and information about our financial status.