Webinar Date: June 21, 2023

Homeless Youth at Risk: Lessons from the 2021 Youth Risk Behavior Survey

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Every two years, the Centers for Disease Control administers the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), monitors health-related behaviors among students in grades 9–12 enrolled in U.S. public and private schools. Data from the 2021 survey administration was recently released and found that, compared with students who were stably housed, students experiencing homelessness were more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors, substance use, and suicide ideation and attempts, and to experience violence. These findings highlight the urgent need to proactively identify students experiencing homelessness; ensure their access and stability in school as required by federal law; and closely examine and revise school-based health and mental health efforts to ensure that students experiencing homelessness are prioritized and can access support. In this webinar, we dive into these findings and share how you can take action to improve experiences and outcomes for students experiencing homelessness..