Webinar Date: May 22, 2024

A National Call for Safe, Affordable Housing for Infants and Toddlers

Hosted by: Opportunity Starts at Home campaign

Wednesday, May 22, 3 – 4PM Eastern

Leaders from the early childhood development, health and education sectors talk about the need to ensure that across the nation families have access to safe and affordable homes. Speakers will share key findings on housing lifting children out of poverty, its impact on child well-being and family stability, educational outcomes, and health impacts. Advocates are collaborating in a multi-sector way to uplift the critical role of the early childhood development sector in mitigating the impact of the lack of safe, stable housing and the importance of safe, affordable housing for healthy child development. 

ZERO TO THREE, Children’s HealthWatch and SchoolHouse Connection participate in the Opportunity Starts at Home campaign. The campaign is a multi-sector housing justice movement to generate widespread support for federal policies that correct long-standing racial inequities and economic injustices by ensuring quality housing for people with low incomes.  

Panelists on the webinar will include: