Graduating from High School in Texas – Students’ Rights

If any one of these situations applies to you:

  • You are staying in a home that is not yours or your parent’s (or legal guardian’s) because you had to leave your home
  • You are in an unstable living situation, without a safe or steady home
  • You are sleeping in a motel, car, tent, abandoned building, or public place
  • You are staying in a shelter or transitional living program OR
  • You are in foster care

You have rights in high school!

  • Get partial credits for any part of a course you took, even if you didn’t finish the course– from a past school or from your current school
  • Take credit recovery classes (if you want to)
  • Have a whole school team help you adjust if you have to change schools— counselors, teachers, and others to help check your credits, get you on track to graduate, and provide any help you need
  • Play sports and join other clubs, even if you don’t meet the UIL residence rules and even if you don’t have transportation.

ALSO: If you changed schools in 11th or 12th grade and your new school says you can’t graduate, you may be able to get a diploma from your old school.

Ask your counselor about partial credits and graduation options today!

This link has all the details and the law, and will help your counselor understand your rights.

If your counselor can’t help you, try your district “homeless education liaison.” If that person can’t help, contact the state “homeless education coordinator,” or email us!

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