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Karen Rice

Senior Program Manager of Education Initiatives

Karen Rice joins SchoolHouse Connection from Madison, WI. Karen has a Bachelor’s in Spanish and Education from the University of Northwestern- St. Paul (previously Northwestern College), and a Master’s in Education-Professional Counseling from Concordia University-Wisconsin. Karen brings ten years of experience from a district level, serving in a variety of roles including District Translator/Interpreter, Transitional Education Coordinator, Bilingual Family Outreach Coordinator, and Bilingual Family Liaison. During these years, Karen focused on family engagement and professional development to serve both students experiencing homelessness and the Latinx community.

In 2017, Karen joined the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction as a State Coordinator for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth and a Coordinator of the Migrant Education Program. Together with colleagues, Karen supported district and regional staff by providing extensive training and capacity building opportunities. Karen is excited to be joining the SchoolHouse Connection team as the Senior Program Manager of Education Initiatives.