A new report from Young Invincibles (YI) released in November 2019 describes the challenges that young New Yorkers face when navigating college and homelessness, and provides recommendations to increase college access and success.

Nationwide, college students are experiencing homelessness at high rates: 14% of four-year college students and 18% of community-college students experience homelessness in a given year. In New York City, a 2019 survey of 22,000 City University of New York (CUNY) undergraduates found that 14% had experienced homelessness while enrolled in classes. To further understand the experiences of these young adults, YI conducted focus groups of young adults and interviewed researchers, policymakers, agency officials, and other key partners. 

The report concludes with a summary of recommendations to assist young adults experiencing homelessness, including:

  • Smoothing the transition to postsecondary education by increasing academic counseling and supports;
  • Increasing financial aid and simplifying processes;
  • Promoting greater awareness of college homelessness on college campuses and providing critical wraparound supports
    • Increasing housing supports for college students
    • Expand wraparound supports that serve homeless students

Resource: Tips for Helping Homeless College Students Succeed


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