Youth-Supportive Transitional Housing Programs As An Essential Resource for Addressing Youth Homelessness

Each year, millions of youth experience homelessness across the United States, and they need proven housing models and an array of services and supports to help them achieve stability and independence – all in an effort to ultimately prevent and solve youth homelessness. Covenant House International, National Network for Youth, and SchoolHouse Connection published this paper to highlight an essential, but often under-resourced, housing model for young people: transitional housing.

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“Because of transitional housing I was able to save up to buy my own car, learned how to file my taxes and a lot more life skills. Now I am a business owner with a passion to give back to the community. Transitional housing has helped and support[ed] me to become the best version of myself.”
– Member of NN4Y’s National Youth Advisory Council
“Transitional [programs are] a much more stable environment than a motel or the streets. Having a safe place to sleep freed my mom and I to worry about other things and gave us time to focus on work and education. It’s frightening to be homeless on the streets or in a volatile housing situation, and it’s nearly impossible to prioritize your health and well-being when you’re preoccupied with ensuring your survival.”
– SchoolHouse Connection Scholar