April Perry, Ph.D.

SHC 2021 Scholars Announced

It is our pleasure to announce SchoolHouse Connection’s 2021 scholar class:

At SchoolHouse Connection, one of our guiding principles is that young people are the experts on their experiences, needs, and strengths. We also recognize that students experiencing homelessness often face barriers in accessing higher education. Our Youth Leadership and Scholarship Program is a competitive national scholarship program that provides 10 scholarships each year to students who have experienced homelessness, to ensure their access to and completion of a post-secondary education program. Through this program, students are provided with a $2,000 scholarship; assistance in accessing resources such as financial aid, mental health, and legal advocacy; a strong, stable peer and adult support network; and opportunities to engage in meaningful advocacy. Our overall goal for the Youth Leadership and Scholarship Program is to provide sustained support to see students to and through college and into the workforce.

Meet SHC’s 2021 Scholars

Name: Storm
State: Alabama
Intended Major: English

“I am very thankful that I received this scholarship. It means so much to me to be able to be one of the 10 people in the country to receive it. I know having the scholarship will help me in college with the money and the people behind the scholarship.”

Name: Precious
State: California
Intended Major: Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Social Work

“Receiving this scholarship allows me to feel secure in my support systems as I step into this new stage of my life. Throughout all of my housing situations that have impacted my academic path, college has always been my goal, no matter the circumstance, but I never knew how successful I’d be once I reached that goal. It feels different knowing that I will start my biggest dream with the School House Connection program there to support me as an unaccompanied youth.”

Name: Chandler
State: Washington
Intended Major: Mathematics, Physics

“As I look back on how I’ve grown so far, certain role models come to mind — the people I’ve perceived as ‘great.’ Now I look forward to being part of a community where we all believe in the greatness of one another.”

Name: Jordan
State: Alaska
Intended Major: Music/Music Production

“With the help of SchoolHouse Connection, I can begin to pursue my dreams. Stability and dreams have never been an easy thing to come by for me, but with the support of these wonderful people, I can navigate not only college but also the beginning of my life without feeling like I’m doing everything blindly. This is an amazing opportunity I never imagined I’d have and am thankful to have it.”

Name: Jahnee
State: Florida
Intended Major: Sociology/Urban Studies

“Being awarded the SchoolHouse Connection scholarship will allow me the opportunity to pursue a postsecondary education and make an everlasting impact on my family by breaking cycles of poverty. Being a part of a community such as SchoolHouse Connection will also allow me a space to advocate for the unique needs of youth that have lived experiences with housing insecurity.”

Name: Hannah
State: Oregon
Intended Major: Art and Spanish with a potential focus on Teaching or Art Therapy

“This scholarship has provided me with a sense of security that has allowed me to focus on my education. I feel confident that no matter what happens, with the support of SHC, I will always have a place to stay. Additionally, SHC is helping me hold myself accountable for getting my education and meeting my goals. And, without having to fear what may happen tomorrow, I have space to feel inspired by the future.” 

Name: Eric
State: Texas
Intended Major: Radiology

“Receiving this scholarship is a blessing to me; it lifts some pressure that’s been building since I started looking for colleges to attend. This scholarship will help me financially achieve my goals of graduating college and begin a life in which I’m less stressed about tomorrow.”

Name: Lexi
State: Oregon
Intended Major: Business with a minor in Psychology

“Knowing that there are people all around the world that can support me and my future interests as a young independent student means the world. The scholarship makes me feel like I’m part of a family and I am beyond honored to have received it.”

Name: Cire’
State: Ohio
Intended Major: Psychiatric Nursing

“This scholarship means a lot to me and will help significantly with books and other expenses.”

Name: Samantha
State: Florida
Intended Major: Biology

“This scholarship for me represents that no struggles are in vain or without recognition. I am grateful to be given this chance that’ll help me to pursue my dreams and further my education.”