State Policy

Model State Statutes: Youth and Young Adult Homelessness

The “Model State Statutes: Youth and Young Adult Homelessness” is a groundbreaking publication co-authored by SchoolHouse Connection and nine other organizations, and informed by youth and young adults with lived experience. This comprehensive resource, supported generously by The Raikes Foundation and Baker McKenzie, is more than just a book; it’s a tribute to the relentless efforts of policymakers, practitioners, and advocates dedicated to enhancing the lives of youth and young adults experiencing homelessness.

In these pages, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge, insights, and proven strategies to inspire change. Topics include vital documents, access to health care, housing, employment, LGBTQIA2S+, education, immigration, and more. This publication not only educates but empowers, encouraging states to embrace comprehensive and compassionate solutions over narrow and punitive measures.