Missed Opportunities: Education Among Youth Experiencing Homelessness in America

On Monday, November 4, Chapin Hall released a new report, Missed Opportunities: Education Among Youth Experiencing Homelessness in America. The report finds that not completing high school is the single greatest risk factor associated with experiencing unaccompanied homelessness as a young person.

Here are some of the key findings from the report:

1. There is a reciprocal relationship between reduced educational attainment and experiences of homelessness: reduced educational attainment increases the likelihood of homelessness, and experiences of homelessness reduce the likelihood of school completion.

2. Family issues in youths’ lives often prompt disruptions that contribute to experiences of homelessness and educational disconnection.

3. Youth experiencing homelessness are less likely to be enrolled in four-year colleges.

4. For young people experiencing homelessness, opportunities to pursue education vary significantly across communities.

5. Some youth experiencing homelessness do not receive sufficient information or resources to support their educational pursuits. 


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Chapin Hall’s research makes clear that access to quality education, from early childhood through young adulthood, is essential to help young people overcome homelessness and prevent future homelessness. Take action now:

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