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How to File Your Taxes for Free and Maximize your Refund

Step 1: Identify Where You’re Filing Your Taxes (IRS or

To file your taxes, first check to see if you qualify for one of the resources below. These resources allow you to file your taxes for free and provide support as you file. 

Step 2: Prepare Your Documents

Now that you know where you’re filing, it’s time to prepare your documents! 

When you file your taxes you will need certain documents and basic information like your social security number. For a list of what to have with you when you file, use this checklist. 

What are Tax Credits? (Hint: More $$$$)

When you file your taxes, you can claim credits that you are eligible for. A tax credit allows you to subtract the credit amount from the total amount you owe, which can increase your refund or allow you to pay less.

For example, if you file your taxes and you owe $1,000 but you qualify for and claim $1,502 from the Earned Income Tax Credit, instead of paying $1,000 you would get a $502 refund. Isn’t that cool?

Tax credits can be confusing and we aren’t asking you to master them, or even understand them. That’s what the tax resources above are for! The resources above can help you determine if you qualify for any credits.

Step 3: Remember These Tax Credits

That’s it! In conclusion, it’s important to file your taxes this year, there’s free options for assistance HERE and HERE, and when you file, ask if you qualify for the Child Tax Credit or the Economic Impact Payments.

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