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FAFSA Referral Form for McKinney-Vento Liaisons

The FAFSA Referral Form is specifically for counselors, liaison designees, and school staff who, while assisting with FAFSA applications, discover that a student is unaccompanied and homeless or unaccompanied, self-supporting, and at risk of homelessness.

Download the FAFSA Referral Template

This form facilitates direct referrals to McKinney-Vento liaisons, who then provide essential support such as transportation, free meals, and resource connections, and securely update student information in the Student Information System. Only staff who identify these students during the FAFSA process should fill out this form.

Under the FAFSA Simplification Act, McKinney-Vento liaisons can designate staff such as counselors and case managers to issue FAFSA determination letters for unaccompanied homeless youth or unaccompanied youth who are self-supporting and at risk of homelessness. FAFSA determination letters verify a student’s independent status, eliminating the need for parental information on the FAFSA.

Customize this FAFSA Referral Template for your schools and set up to receive email notifications for each submission. (Note: A Google account is required to make a copy of this template).

If you don’t have a Google account, you can download the form in PDF to view the questions and create your own survey.