Youth Voices

At SchoolHouse Connection, we believe that young people are the experts on their experiences, needs and strengths. We are proud to provide this space for their perspectives.

The Pursuit of Education: A Story of Homelessness, Perseverance, and the Impact of Caring Educators

By SchoolHouse Connection's Scholar Jahnee S.. "I was 8 years old when I first experienced homelessness. Homelessness then became a struggle that my family and I couldn’t escape. I experienced standing in the snow, hoping my family and I had a place to sleep on a church floor; how packed and unsanitary emergency shelters are, as I got lice within two days of staying there; how “The Florida Project” brought me flashbacks to the many months my family lived in motels, and how I viewed peers with “the basic necessities” with such envy."

Growing up as the Youngest

“I am the second youngest of 7 children and growing up, my siblings and I relied heavily on each other to navigate the challenges we faced. Though we ended up being split apart at a young age, we managed to survive, and to this day I would not be who I am if it wasn’t for them. This is my story.” By Danny, SchoolHouse Connection Scholar

Being the Oldest and Walking Away

“You could tell early on in my childhood that my mother had never truly wanted to be anything other than young and carefree, while many parenting responsibilities fell onto me with full accountability. This meant that, while some kids got cared for by loving parents, I was raised early on to be self-reliant, and when the time came, I was taught to be a caretaker for my sister too.” By Aseret, SchoolHouse Connection Scholar

Homelessness and the Pandemic: Five Youth Share Insights

On July 14, 2020, we connected virtually with five youth: four SchoolHouse Connection Young Leaders and a Youth Advisor for National Network for Youth. We listened as they reflected on their childhood experiences of homelessness and shared their experiences and challenges navigating college and homelessness in the wake of COVID-19. Here is the summary of the briefing.

Our Names are Destiny, Lorinda, and Jose: Navigating Homelessness During COVID-19

On April 30th, SchoolHouse Connection hosted a webinar featuring three young leaders from our Youth Leadership and Scholarship Program who are navigating higher education during the coronavirus pandemic. During the webinar, the students shared their experiences, challenges, and advice for other students, higher education professionals, and service providers. This blog post has been repurposed from the webinar.

SHC 2020 Scholars Announced

It is our pleasure to announce SchoolHouse Connection’s 2020 scholar class: Diego, ID Cecelia, CA Samantha, MO Kayla, NC Caitlin, TX Ashley, AZ Lanie, MO Hayden, KY Carlos, OK Phoenix, MT At SchoolHouse Connection, one of our guiding principles is that young people...

Never Stop Telling Your Story: 7 Questions with Destiny Dickerson, an SHC Young Leader

Destiny explains, “Having had to silently deal with so many mental health issues and watching others struggle in their own ways, I have developed a passion to want to help those struggling to find inner peace.” Here, Destiny explains how education has been a powerful force in her life--and how she’s compelled to help other students experiencing homelessness be their own best advocates.

The gift that lasts a lifetime.

“As a child, I felt powerless. I was frustrated and terrified at my family’s circumstances. When my eighth grade English teacher became aware of my home situation, she pulled me aside one day and asked to talk after class. The conversation we had that afternoon...

Celebrating Our 2019 Graduates

We celebrate the end of the school year by recognizing some exceptional high school and college graduates. These SchoolHouse Connection scholars are breaking the cycle of homelessness by earning their high school and college degrees. We celebrate their...

SHC 2019 Scholars Announced

SchoolHouse Connection welcomed eleven new scholars from across the nation into the SchoolHouse family during a trip to Orlando, FL, April 4-6. The scholars were recognized during the School Social Work Association of America conference, presented a concurrent session to offer their insights, and enjoyed a fun-filled day at Disney World.

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