Young Leaders in the News

We are proud to showcase stories that are written by our young leaders for various news sources. These articles originally appeared on other sites and are posted with permission.

The Pursuit of Education: A Story of Homelessness, Perseverance, and the Impact of Caring Educators

By SchoolHouse Connection's Scholar Jahnee S.. "I was 8 years old when I first experienced homelessness. Homelessness then became a struggle that my family and I couldn’t escape. I experienced standing in the snow, hoping my family and I had a place to sleep on a church floor; how packed and unsanitary emergency shelters are, as I got lice within two days of staying there; how “The Florida Project” brought me flashbacks to the many months my family lived in motels, and how I viewed peers with “the basic necessities” with such envy."

Homelessness and the Pandemic: Five Youth Share Insights

On July 14, 2020, we connected virtually with five youth: four SchoolHouse Connection Young Leaders and a Youth Advisor for National Network for Youth. We listened as they reflected on their childhood experiences of homelessness and shared their experiences and challenges navigating college and homelessness in the wake of COVID-19. Here is the summary of the briefing.

Teachers, Be Understanding With Your Students Who May Be Homeless

By Eliana Perozo, SHC Young Leader. This story originally appeared on Youth Today. "School was my getaway, my chance to be in a routine, to know what was coming, to have a small sense of stability and control. But at 12 years old, I was convinced that my bad luck and misfortune were my own fault. My teachers did little to tell me otherwise."

Coming-of-age in Foster Care: What Old Friends Do For You

By Aseret Hesse, SHC Young Scholar. This story originally appeared on ENDPAIN. "Coming from a broken home, full of drug abuse, alcoholism, and child abuse, I’ve seen the worst of people. But because of this, I grew up and matured knowing exactly who I never want to be."

Overcoming Homelessness and Poverty through Education

By Latte Harris, SHC Young Leader. Latte Harris graduated from Evergreen High School in Vancouver, Washington. She is majoring in sociology at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. This story originally appeared on Homeroom, the official blog of the U.S. Department of Education. 

I Am Not Alone

By Latte Harris, SHC Young Leader. This story originally appeared on SchoolHouse Washington's "Collaboratory” series highlighting first person stories and voices from the field., and has been posted here with permission. "It brought me immense comfort. I was immediately soothed with the idea that I was not completely alone in this struggle of trying to adhere to mainstream society, a place where I have to wear a mask in order to navigate both homelessness and higher education while still trying to express myself in what is deemed an appropriate fashion."

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