Answer: This situation should be treated like any family that is losing their housing. If the move with the aunt is going to be a fixed, regular and adequate arrangement, then they are not McKinney-Vento eligible. A key question is whether they are sharing the aunt’s housing due to their loss of housing (see 42 USC §11434a). It certainly seems like that is the case. Given the suddenness of the family having to move, it appears likely that this is an emergency arrangement because the family has nowhere else to go; that it’s unclear how long they’ll stay with the aunt; and that the housing might not be adequate for everyone. Any of those conditions would make this a McKinney-Vento situation. On the other hand, if it turns out that there’s enough room in the home for everyone; the aunt actively wants them to move in to split the rent, child care responsibilities, etc.; and the aunt and the family agree that this is going to be the living arrangement long-term, then the children may not be McKinney-Vento eligible.

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