This resource is provided by the Count All Kids Campaign.

Homeless children and youth are at particularly high risk of being missed in the 2020 census. The Count All Kids Campaign has therefore prepared a fact sheet on counting homeless children.

The best way to make sure that homeless families are counted is probably to get the homeless fact sheet to organizations that serve homeless families. Please consider sharing the fact sheet, and this letter, with agencies serving children, youth, and families experiencing homelessness; homeless advocates, and with school district homeless liaisons.

Below are additional resources for counting homeless children:

  • [Webinar] 2020 Census and Homelessness – Hosted by the 2020 Census
    This webinar is a joint collaboration between the 2020 Census, Family Promise, First Focus on Children, and SchoolHouse Connection. In this webinar, we’ll highlight the importance of the census, how the census impacts family and youth homelessness, and how the census impacts you!
    Password: mPpBs9Mm
  • [Guest Perspective] Briya Public Charter School Goes the Extra Mile to Ensure All Students are Counted
    By Johanna Ulseth, Student Services Coordinator and Homeless Liaison at Briya Public Charter School, Washington DC. As the 2020 United States Census is approaching, Briya and Mary’s Center have been working together to ensure that all of our students are informed of the process and empowered to participate. This blog details how Briya Public Charter Schools in Washington, DC are ensuring everyone gets counted in 2020.

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