Education: A Powerful Tool to End Homelessness

We are celebrating the end of the school year by recognizing some exceptional college graduates. These SchoolHouse Connection young leaders are breaking the cycle of homelessness by earning their college degrees. We celebrate their accomplishments, and we are honored to share their reflections with you.


Eliana and her younger sister

\\ Tennessee

Graduated College: May 13
College: Sewanee: The University of the South, International and Global Studies major/Spanish minor
Summer 2018: Secured an internship with United We Dream in Washington, DC

“While my younger sister’s experiences have been different than mine, we come from a cycle of poverty and neglect. I got this degree for my sisters so they can know and truly believe that we are capable of breaking chains we never asked for but inherited nonetheless.”

Elio and his mother

\\ New York

Graduated College: May 19
College: Marist College

“Watching my mother struggle has always been difficult, subtly education became my outfit for coping with financial hardships. I work hard in school now so I won’t have to work hard later in life. For my family education is our opportunity to achieve the American dream.”


\\ Florida

Graduated College: May 19
College: Johnson and Wales University

Advice for future students: Be open-minded. Soak in all the new experiences you will have, and try to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Also to have fun and make the most of it.


\\ Pennslyvania

Graduated College: May 17
College: Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, Nursing major

“Graduating college means the world to someone like me. It means that if you work hard, anything is possible. It says to me that I’m not where I came from and I am NOT a product of my environment. Education gave me the key to places I never thought I would see. To others, this might be a small step of progress, but to the homeless youth, this marks the beginning of a new life. A new life with new possibilities is all I could ever ask for and now I finally am achieving it.”


\\ Washington

Graduated College: May 5
College: Washington State University, Zoology major

“I didn’t expect to feel proud of myself the day of commencement because I have always thought to myself that there was no other option but success. But seeing how many people came out to support me and congratulate me has finally made me realize how far I have come and against so many odds. Surround yourself with people who really know you; who don’t demand credit for your hard earned achievements but who will vouch for what you already know you are capable of.”

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