Several state legislatures have recognized that unaccompanied homeless youth under age 18 need legal rights to access housing, shelter and other basic services. Current and Pending State Laws Allowing Unaccompanied Homeless Youth to Consent for Housing and Related Services is a new document that summarizes state laws, including currently pending bills that SchoolHouse Connection is working on with partners in Arizona and Wyoming.

State legislatures also have been actively supporting college students experiencing homelessness over the past few years. State Laws Supporting College Students Experiencing Homelessness provides a summary of existing strong state laws. SchoolHouse Connection is working with partners in Texas on a new state law to support the thousands of Texas students striving to complete college without safe, stable housing.

Please contact Patricia Julianelle at to share information about other state laws allowing minors to consent for housing or shelter, or other state laws assisting college students experiencing homelessness.

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