SchoolHouse Connection strongly condemns yesterday’s violent insurrection and the white supremacy that underlies it. We are deeply concerned about the health of our democracy and the added layers of trauma for children and youth witnessing these events – especially children and youth of color, who are disproportionately suffering from the toll of the pandemic and economic crisis – many of whom are also missing the safety and stability of their schools during distance learning. The fate of our most marginalized children and youth is the fate of this nation.

A healthy, functioning democracy depends on an educated populace where all have meaningful and equitable opportunities to fulfill their potential. The promise of the United States of America will not be fulfilled, and our democracy will continue to be at risk, unless we demonstrate clearly in our actions that we see all children and youth, value them, and love them, and commit ourselves to building a society where all can live freely, justly, and prosperously.

Your SchoolHouse Connection Team

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