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Robust community partnerships, including housing, health care, nutrition, transportation, and other services, provide essential supports for children and youth to grow and thrive.


  • Housing + High School = Success. Schools and Communities Uniting to House Unaccompanied Youth
    This publication from NAEHCY provides a step-by-step guide and practical tools to create four different temporary housing models for unaccompanied youth: host homes; group homes; independent living; and emergency shelters. The steps are designed to give readers tools to establish these programs in their communities and include sample youth applications, host home applications, powers of attorney, parental consent forms, confidentiality notices, job descriptions, posters, flyers, Power Point presentations, data collection tools, and other useful forms and documents.
  • The Council of Large Public Housing Authorities (CLPHA) is leading national efforts on systems alignment between housing and education. CLPHA recently launched HousingIs.Org, a clearinghouse that is meant to be a hub for generating effective programs and sharing innovative ideas. The site improves coordination between the experts who work within various support systems, and serves as a virtual gathering place for a rapidly expanding community of practice. It allows users to broadly disseminate research on existing challenges and opportunities, as well as promising and best practices.

We are currently selecting additional resources to help schools and communities come together to meet the needs of families, children, and youth.

Stay in touch with us to learn about new resources as we produce and collect them.


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