The 2023 Application Is Now Closed.

We have some exciting news! To support students earlier in their educational journey, we're thrilled to announce that students beginning their postsecondary education in 2025 can apply for our scholarship starting January 5, 2024!

The SchoolHouse Connection Youth Leadership and Scholarship Program

Helping You Get To and Through Higher Education

Our program is one of the nation’s only national scholarship programs specifically serving youth that have experienced homelessness. The goal of our program is to provide financial assistance and staff and peer support to ensure that you are successful in getting to and through higher education and into the workforce.

Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

June 12, 2023: Application Opens

November 24, 2023: Application Closes

January 15-19, 2024: Applicants Notified

Know someone who will benefit from this scholarship? Let them know! Download our flyer and email templates. 

As a SchoolHouse Connection Scholar, You Receive:

$2,500 Scholarship Award

Flexible funds that can be used for anything related to your education.

One-on-One Support from SchoolHouse Connection Staff

Receive academic, personal, and professional support from staff throughout the time you are in college and as you enter the workforce.

Three All-Expenses-Paid Trips:

Awards Ceremony Celebration

Meet SchoolHouse Connection staff and your fellow scholars for a 5-day fun-filled trip to celebrate your award.

Washington, DC Summit

Join staff and your fellow scholars one year after receiving your award for a 5 day trip of advocacy opportunities and fun activities around the nation’s capital.

Workforce Success Retreat

Join staff and your fellow scholars between your third and fourth year of the program for a trip focused on post-graduation and workforce success.

Read a story about how summer camp changed the life of Jordyn Roark, SHC’s Director of Youth Leadership and Scholarship.

Scholars Will Also Receive:

Support from SchoolHouse Connection Scholars

Connect and build supportive relationships with SchoolHouse Connection scholars from all over the United States.

Opportunities to Engage in State and Federal Policy Advocacy

A platform for you to share your story and expertise with changemakers around the country.

You are Eligible if:

  • You are currently residing in the United States. Note: undocumented applicants are eligible.
  • You were born on or after November 24, 2003
  • You will begin college (four year, community college, or trade school) for the First Time in 2024 (not including dual-enrollment courses) 
  • You experienced homelessness in the last six years

How We Define Homelessness:

Homelessness is defined as individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. This specifically includes individuals whose living situations fall into one of the categories below:

  • Temporarily Staying with Other People (Couch-Surfing/Doubled-Up) 
  • Staying in Emergency or Transitional Shelters
  • Staying in Motels, Campgrounds, Cars, Parks, Abandoned Buildings, Bus or Train Stations, or any Public or Private Place not Designed for Humans to Live in
  • Staying in Substandard Housing

Application Components:

  • Eligibility, Demographic, and Education Questions
  • Full High School Transcript (Unofficial or Official) 
  • Essay (1,000 words maximum that answers all three of the topics below)
    • Your experience of homelessness and how it relates to your life and education. 
    • Your commitment to education during your experience of homelessness.
    • Your desire to attend college
  • Letter of Recommendation (at least one and a maximum of three)

Application Tips:

Demographic Info: We will call the phone number you provide if you are selected as an awardee. If your phone does not work, we will email you. If we are not able to reach you via your phone number or email, we will then reach out to your point of contact listed in your application. Please ensure that your phone and email address are reliable and if they change, please email to let us know. 

Transcript: Make sure that your transcript shows your full name and date of birth and all high school grades that are available. An unofficial transcript is ok! We recommend reaching out to your school counselor to request an unofficial transcript. If you are having issues accessing a transcript, please email prior to the deadline letting us know and we will do our best to help.

Essay: Make sure that you answer all three of the essay questions to be considered for our scholarship program. 

Letter of Recommendation: We allow you to upload letters directly OR you can send a link to the person writing the letter. If you choose to send a link, follow-up to ensure that they submit your letter before the deadline. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a current college student. Can I apply?

You are not currently eligible. Applicants must be beginning college for the first time in 2024 (not including dual-enrollment programs).

I am undocumented. Can I apply?

Yes, undocumented individuals are eligible to apply.

I missed the deadline. Will you still consider my application?

We are unable to accept applications after the deadline due to the nature of our review process.


Know someone who will benefit from this scholarship? Let them know!

Please contact Jordyn if you have further questions.

Email Jordyn

Meet SHC’s Scholars

SHC 2023 Scholars Announced

It is our pleasure to announce SchoolHouse Connection’s 2023 scholar class: Jessica, Cole, CJ, Brenia, Kaylin, Te’yana, Kiki, Shyann, Harper, and Robert.

SHC 2022 Scholars Announced

It is our pleasure to announce SchoolHouse Connection’s 2022 scholar class: Narcizo, OR, Melody, GA, Daniela, TX, Jessica, MO, Juan, CA, Maya, HI, Alan, NC, Briley, GA, Lilly, MO, Conrad, LA, Dariel, FL.

SHC 2021 Scholars Announced

It is our pleasure to announce SchoolHouse Connection’s 2021 scholar class: Storm, AL, Precious, CA, Chandler, WA, Jordan, AK, Jahnee, FL, Hannah, OR, Eric, TX, Lexi, OR, Cire’, OH, Samantha, FL

SHC 2020 Scholars Announced

It is our pleasure to announce SchoolHouse Connection’s 2020 scholar class: Diego, ID, Cecelia, CA, Samantha, MO, Kayla, NC, Caitlin, TX, Ashley, AZ, Lanie, MO, Hayden, KY, Carlos, OK, Phoenix, MT.

SHC 2019 Scholars Announced

It is our pleasure to announce SchoolHouse Connection’s 2019 scholar class: Anthony, CA, Brandon, CA, Cheyenne, NC, Hailey, IN, Juan, AK, Jayson, NC, Tara, MD, Rebecca, FL, Star, WA, Syerra, CA

SHC 2018 Scholars Announced

It is our pleasure to announce SchoolHouse Connection’s 2018 scholar class: Joshua, WI, Jonathan, TX, Miguel, NC, Christine, NY, Destiny, CA, Stormy, MT, Aseret, IN, Daniel, WA, Lorinda, MO, Nikki, NC.

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