Newsletter (December 14, 2023)

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In 2023, SHC was a strong voice for effective and responsive federal policy. SHC:

  • Engaged with more than 100 congressional offices to share information, connect them to their constituents, and advocate for policies to improve the lives of children, youth, and families experiencing homelessness. 
  • Held a Congressional briefing featuring our young leaders.
  • Submitted many public comments to federal agencies and met with agency leaders.
  • Expanded our federal policy team in October to include Senior Manager for Federal Policy who brings more than seven years of federal policy development and advocacy, including six years as staffer in the U.S. Senate. 
  • Launched an advocacy network to educate, support, and create opportunities for local educators, service providers, and advocates across the country to advance federal and state policies on child and youth homelessness.

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