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Happy Spring! First, we are thrilled to introduce you to four new talented team members who have joined us here at SchoolHouse Connection – Bree, Camille, Lance, and Nikki. You can learn more about them and their contributions to our team below. And in case you missed it, here are the latest news, resources, and updates from the world of education and homelessness from January, February, and March. 

Your SchoolHouse Connection Team

Meet Bree, Camille, Lance, and Nikki

Bree Levy
➡️ Federal Policy Fellow

Bree Levy has joined the SchoolHouse Connection team as a Federal Policy fellow, working with federal, state, and local agencies to improve educational outcomes for students experiencing homelessness. Prior to joining the SHC team, Bree worked for four years at the Hawaii Department of Education’s Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program (EHCY).

Her role involved supporting and developing the state EHCY team in Hawaii, providing structural support to the program, and helping to shape strategy and action based on ongoing assessment of needs across the state. Bree worked within the larger student support continuum, focusing on utilizing longitudinal data systems to improve student attendance and address barriers to full participation in school.

Bree brings a background in supporting K-12 systems at the local and state levels. While in Hawaii, she focused on providing support to local liaisons, student re-engagement, alternative education, family engagement, and cross-population support to improve statewide educational outcomes for children and youth experiencing homelessness.

Bree has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Global Studies from Azusa Pacific University, and a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Camille Fleming
➡️ Controller & Senior Manager for Operations

With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from SUNY Old Westbury and an M.B.A in Economic Crime and Fraud Management from Utica University, Camille brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in accounting and fraud management. Camille has a love for numbers which gives her a deep expertise in nonprofit finance and operations.

Camille’s many years in her career has been concentrated in education and non-profit finance, where she has restructured and streamlined accounting and financial operations at several organizations with the goal of providing high-quality service and promoting practical yet compliant solutions to solve operational needs.

“There is no better feeling than being behind the scenes to help a non profit organization continue to succeed with the financial numbers to prove their success.”

Lance Bordelon
➡️ Digital Marketing & Communications Associate

Lance Bordelon is a double graduate of Louisiana State University’s Manship School, with his B.A. in Public Relations and Master’s of Mass Communication specializing in Strategic Communications. His professional background in marketing and communications has primarily been in the areas of higher education, youth-focused nonprofits, mental health advocacy, as well as included over a decade as a freelance graphic designer.

Lance Bordelon Headshot

He has been a creative, storyteller, designer, writer, and outspoken advocate in numerous professional and personal spaces throughout his life. He learned from an early age the power and gift of both education and resilience–valuing education above all else for not only unlocking doors but completely tearing down walls, empowering lives with unbridled potential and equity for all. This is the mission he is most passionate about and is thrilled to contribute to this work through SchoolHouse Connection. His years of working in professional theater and as an EFL educator in NYC have enriched his life with invaluable experiences, world travel, a deeper appreciation for diversity, and a stronger commitment to advocacy.

Nikki Hannon
➡️ Education Initiatives Specialist

Nikki Hannon (Little Shell Cree/Blackfeet) is the Education Initiatives Specialist for SchoolHouse Connection. She was born and raised on the Blackfeet Nation in Montana. Nikki is passionate about supporting the needs of historically underserved students through building relationships with youth, creating communities of support, and advocating for students’ rights.

Lance Bordelon Headshot

Nikki has over 17 years of experience working with Native American students, pregnant and parenting youth, and youth experiencing homelessness. She served in several capacities at the district level, starting out as the Director of Alternative Education where she collaborated with district and community leaders to create a dropout prevention program. She has since served as a certified K-12 school counselor, McKinney Vento and Foster Care Liaison, and most recently as the Director of the Parent Community Outreach program. In this role, Nikki directed a district-run childcare center, Hi-Set education program, and the “āissṗoōmmoǒtsiiyō•ṗ – We Help Each Other” Families In Transition program, which she expanded to include the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project and Kinship Program to support students being raised by family.

Nikki specializes in dropout prevention and centers her work on supporting Native American students in completing their high school education. She received her Master’s in Education in Risk and Prevention from Harvard University, as well as a Master’s in Education in Counselor Education from Montana State University-Northern. Nikki will lead SHC’s collaborative work with the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) to increase identification and support for students experiencing homelessness in BIE schools.

Early Childhood

  • [Video Resource] Tabitha Kramer, Supervisor at Berks County Intermediate Unit for Pennsylvania’s Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness (Pennsylvania ECYEH), discusses her role in supporting young children experiencing homelessness. 
  • [Archived Webinar] Increasing Access to Early Learning for Infants & Toddlers Experiencing Homelessness
  • [Archived Webinar] Using Data to Advocate for Infants & Toddlers Experiencing Homelessness in Pennsylvania 
  • [Archived Webinar] Home Visiting for Homeless Families
  • [ARP-HCY Spotlight] Early Childhood Specialist in EdAdvance, Torrington, Connecticut (Early Childhood, Transportation)


  • Bookmark this page dedicated to providing educators, policymakers, and advocates with valuable resources on how to best support immigrant and migrant families and youth, and help ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed in school and beyond. (Related Webinar: Supporting Immigrant Students Experiencing Homelessness)
  • [ARP-HCY Spotlights] 
    • Community Partnerships, Pinellas County Schools, Florida (Housing-related Supports, Capacity Building & Staffing, Wrap-around Services, Transportation)
    • Bilingual Benefits Navigator, Monte Del Sol Charter School, in New Mexico (Capacity Building & Staffing, Wrap-around Services)
    • Transcript Audits In Columbus City Schools, Ohio (Academic Support)
    • Youth Empowerment and County Wide Mentoring, San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (Academic Support, Outreach and Identification)

Higher Education

Federal Policy

State Policy

2023 is shaping up to be a monumental year for legislators and advocates working to dismantle the barriers to sufficiency faced by youth experiencing homelessness across the United States. From access to medical care, shelter, and housing, to support for high school and college completion, SchoolHouse Connection is actively working alongside advocates in ten states to reform policies to support youth experiencing homelessness.

You, too, can join our efforts to advocate for change! Click here to join SchoolHouse Connection’s Advocacy Network. 

Data and Research

Youth Leadership & Scholarship

  • We are excited to welcome a new class of scholars to the SchoolHouse Connection family! Our 2023 scholars demonstrated dedication to their education, perseverance in overcoming barriers, and passion for higher education. We can’t wait to see what they accomplish as they pursue higher education and beyond! 
  • Carlos, a SchoolHouse Connection Scholar, shared his story on Chalkbeat to shed light on the challenges faced by homeless students. We want to extend our gratitude to McKinney-Vento liaisons like Sabra, and graduation mentors like Keri, who play a critical role in improving the lives of students experiencing homelessness.

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