Below are tools and resources to assist in the identification of homeless students. Stay tuned as we add more.



Know Your Rights flyers for parents and youth can get the word out about the rights of students experiencing homelessness, helping parents and youth understand how sharing their situation can help. These simple flyers can be edited for specific communities. Insert your logo, website, and local contact information.

Guest Perspectives

Identifying Students Experiencing Homelessness: How Small Changes in Email Communications Can Achieve Big Results, Part I

  • Daniel Shephard is the President of the Implementation Science and Communication Strategies Group and a former member of the Office of Evaluation Sciences and the Obama administration’s White House Social and Behavioral Sciences Team. He writes here about his perspective on the behaviorally-informed email communications project developed by the Office of Evaluation Sciences.
  • Email templates


Student Homelessness: Lessons from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)

  • Part I: Prevalence, Identification, and Action Steps for Schools


One of the most important identification activities is to provide training on homelessness for registrars, teachers, administrators, and others. These videos are designed for specific school and district role groups that can help provide basic information in a short, engaging format.

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