On Wednesday, September 15th, the U.S. House Committee on Rules hosted a roundtable entitled, Ending Hunger in America: Examining the Role Schools Play in Ending Hunger and Improving Nutrition. The hearing was part of a series highlighting challenges and solutions to food insecurity, and encouraging Congress and the Biden administration to take action to combat it.

Witnesses included:

  • Denise Forte, Interim CEO, The Education Trust
  • Chef Ann Cooper, President and Founder, Chef Ann Foundation
  • Stephen Ritz, Founder, Green Bronx Machine
  • Moses Thompson, Director, Community and School Garden Program, Manzo Elementary School 
  • Reynaldo Green, VP of Nutrition and Family Well Being, Quality Care for Children
  • Barbara Duffield, Executive Director of SchoolHouse Connection

During her testimony, Barbara described the inextricable connection between hunger and homelessness, and the profound role schools play in providing children and youth with the nutrition they need to succeed. She also provided recommendations for Congress to help ensure that all the needs of children and youth experiencing homelessness are met.

Click here to read the full testimonies of all witnesses.

“When we understand how children and youth experience homelessness that most of these students are not in shelters, but rather stay in hidden situations and the reality of how many children and youth experience homelessness, it becomes even clearer that schools are not only the best, but often the only source of food and support. Proper nutrition, in turn, helps children focus on the education that is ultimately their lasting path to security and well-being.” – Barbara Duffield, Executive Director of SchoolHouse Connection

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