Donate to SchoolHouse Connection

Change the lives of children and youth experiencing homelessness.

Together, we can ensure that every child and youth experiencing homelessness has access to the education and support they need to end their homelessness and achieve their dreams.  

Ways to donate:

  • Online Form (Secure)
  • Donation by Mail: Checks can be made payable to SchoolHouse Connection and mailed to: 4401A Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 145, Washington DC, 20008.

SchoolHouse Connection is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your contribution is fully tax-deductible. We acknowledge that you received no goods or services in exchange for your donation. Please print or save this message for your personal records. You can use this page as a receipt for tax purposes.

In tax year 2020, a taxpayer (single person or married couple filing jointly) who does not itemize deductions will be able to claim a charitable deduction of up to $300 for cash donations on the federal return. Those who itemize deductions will be able to deduct the amount of charitable contributions up to the full extent of adjusted gross income. (CARES Act of 2020)

  • Give Securities. When you give appreciated securities that you have owned over one year, and you itemize your deductions, you receive a double benefit. You can deduct the current market value, and you are not taxed on the capital gain. Contact us for information about giving securities.
  • Give Other Property. Sometimes donors have an asset other than cash and publicly-traded securities (real estate, precious metals, etc.), that they are interested in contributing.  SchoolHouse Connection’s board will decide on a case-by-case basis whether the organization can accept such property.
  • Make a Gift from Your IRA. If you are over age 70½, and you have an IRA, you can authorize your plan administrator to transfer up to $100,000 to charities. A gift from your IRA is equivalent to a deduction, and it is a great way for those who will not need all of their retirement funds to make a gift.’
  • Leave a Bequest to SchoolHouse Connection. In your will or living trust you may designate a specific sum or a percentage of your residual estate to SchoolHouse Connection (Tax ID number 81-5042929).
  • Name SchoolHouse Connection as Beneficiary of Life Insurance or Remaining Retirement Funds. A simple way to make an end-of-life gift is to name SchoolHouse Connection as beneficiary of a portion of life insurance proceeds, or of funds remaining in an IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or other plan. Giving remaining retirement funds is particularly tax-wise way to give, as distributions from a retirement fund (other than a Roth plan) are subject to income tax if paid to individuals, but not if paid to charity.

For more information on ways to support SchoolHouse Connection, or about the programs that most interest you, please contact Barbara Duffield,, 202-364-7392.

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