Answer: Please see below for the State Department’s commentary about passports for minors.  The McKinney-Vento Act does not change these requirements, since the State Department is not bound by the MV Act, so no one from the school will be able to sign for a minor to get a passport.

“If you have your own current identification document (ID), you may apply for a passport. You must show at least one parent or guardian knows that you are applying for a passport. Your passport application may be denied if we have received written objection from one of your parents or legal guardians. For more information, please see Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program.

How to Show Parental Awareness:
A parent or legal guardian appearing with you in person when you apply for your passport. The agent or employee accepting the application will ask your parent or legal guardian to sign Form DS-11.
A signed, notarized statement consenting to issuance of a passport from at least one parent or legal guardian (should be accompanied by a photocopy of that parent or guardian’s ID).”

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