We celebrate the end of the school year by recognizing some exceptional high school and college graduates. These SchoolHouse Connection scholars are breaking the cycle of homelessness by earning their high school and college degrees. We celebrate their accomplishments, and we are honored to share their reflections with you.

\\ Virginia

Graduated College: May 2019
Majors: (Bachelor of Arts) and Liberal Studies for Early and Elementary Education (Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies)
Summer Plans: Working as a camp counselor
Next Steps: Start a Master’s of Teaching program with a concentration in early and elementary education program in the fall

“I used to think college was nothing more than a pipe dream. As a child, I never would’ve imagined that I would be graduating with two Bachelor’s degrees, let alone attending graduate school. With my investment in postsecondary education, I’ll be able to help students of my own like my teachers helped me. My dream is to help others break the cycle of poverty and achieve their dreams.”

\\ California

Graduated High School: June 2019
Summer Plans: This summer, I will be receiving a Congressional Award Gold Medal in Washington DC. I was offered an internship to work at the PanAm Games in Peru and I will be taking classes in a Freshman summer program at UCLA.
Next Steps: I will be attending UCLA and majoring in Communications and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I plan to go into the Sports Management field, particularly Sports Agency or Sports Public Relations.

“While my road hasn’t always been smooth, I have learned how to adapt and make adjustments on the way, while staying focused on my goals. No matter what we face in life, we should never allow anyone to write our stories. Our futures are an open book, and we each have the ability to take control of our futures and make our futures exactly what we want. And, when we hit snags along the way, which we will, we can create our own detours without compromising who we are or what we want to accomplish.”

\\ North Carolina

Graduated Early College High School: May 2019
Summer Plans: Working at a CVS Pharmacy
Next Steps: In the fall, I plan to continue working part-time in the pharmacy but also working on completing a BS in Biology at Lenoir-Rhyne University. During this time, I would also like to complete the pharmacy technician program at Catawba Valley Community College, in order to better prepare myself for pharmacy school. 

“Homelessness has definitely affected my life, academics, and desire to attend college, but I do not regret being homeless. While experiencing homelessness has pushed me to my breaking point and beyond, it has made me a better person. I had to tackle more responsibilities than most at a young age, but now I am able to do so with no problem.”

\\ Florida

Graduated High School: June 2019
Summer Plans: To work 30-40 hours a week, go on vacation with my family and friends, and participate in Cane Kickoff at the University of Miami.
Next Steps: University of Miami to major in Mechanical Engineering

“My class has taught me, no my peers have ingrained in me, that my circumstances do NOT define me. I have the ability to determine my character. It’s what I decide to do with the opportunities that are presented to me along the way that determines who I become.”

\\ Washington

Graduated High School: June 2019
Summer Plans: I plan to travel and get together with friends before heading to college. I’d like to become active and healthier this summer and definitely hit the beach!
Next Steps: This fall of 2019, I will be attending WSU (Washington State University). I am pursuing a BSN Degree in Trauma Nursing. 

 “Always remember, God will never take anything away from you without having the intention to replace it with something better.” – Unknown 

\\ California

Graduated College: June 2019
Major: Physician Assistant 
Degree: Master of Health Services
Summer Plans: I’ll be working at the Sacramento County Clinic for clinical rotations serving primarily underserved Hispanic speaking populations who receive MediCal.
Next Steps: Looking for employment in Primary Care in the Sacramento area. 

“If there is a will, there is a way”

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