Answer: No, a formula for transportation is not allowable. Transportation has to be based on the requirements in the law, which include transportation to the school of origin (42 USC §11432(g)(1)(J)), and also transportation as needed to remove barriers to enrollment in school, which includes attending classes and participating fully in school activities (42 USC §11432(g)(1)(I)). This includes transportation to extra-curricular activities, as well. Each LEA has to consider whether transportation is a barrier to enrollment for each McKinney-Vento student. Most students can walk to school if they live in the walk zone. However, for some, the lack of transportation may be a barrier. This may be due to dangers such as having to cross a dangerous intersection or a domestic violence issue, or other barriers. If that is the case, then the school would need to remove the barrier. That might mean providing a bus or taxi; it might mean providing a gas voucher; might include providing a bike, as long as it’s safe and appropriate; it might mean providing a crossing guard or helping create a walking group for safety.

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