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Empowering Youth Experiencing Homelessness in PA: Access Vital Documents, Basic Needs, & Services in Higher Education


📣The Pennsylvania General Assembly is considering bills that could make a real difference for youth experiencing homelessness. We must encourage our legislators to pass these bills. Let’s take a closer look at what’s on the table:

Action #1: Encourage your legislators to hear and pass these bills by completing a short form below! 

Action #2: Contact the Committee Chairs to Urge Them to Hold a Hearing

For HB 729 and HB 1175, please reach out to the Education Committee Chairs. You can copy and paste this message.

For HB 730, please reach out to the Human Services Committee Chairs. You can copy and paste this message.

Action #3: Please Share on Social Media

Use this toolkit to urge Pennsylvania General Assembly legislators to support three key bills that would help youth experiencing homelessness access vital documents and meet basic needs in higher education, and help unaccompanied youth connect to basic services across the state. We can get these bills passed by urging committee leaders to hold hearings on the bills and to get your state representative and senator to support the bills.  

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More Information About the Bills

About the Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Committee to End Youth and Young Adult Homelessness

The committee is a coalition of organizations and youth leaders dedicated to improving the lives of young people experiencing homelessness in Pennsylvania through legislative action.