Answer: Yes. The U.S. Department of Education clarified this policy in its guidance. On page 29, the guidance states:

“J-11. Must LEAs provide transportation to and from extracurricular activities for homeless students?

SEAs and LEAs have a broad, ongoing requirement to review policies or practices that may act as barriers to, among other things, the enrollment of homeless children and youths. (See, e.g., sections 721, 722(g)(1)(I)). Enrollment includes attending classes and “participating fully in school activities.” (Section 725(1)). The McKinney-Vento Act further emphasizes that homeless students must not face barriers to accessing extracurricular activities. (See section 722(g)(1)(F)(iii)).

Therefore, to the extent that lack of access to transportation is a barrier to extracurricular activities for a particular student, an LEA would be required to provide this student with transportation to or from extracurricular activities.”

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