SHC 2022 Annual Report

  • Achievements in 2022 included publishing the first-ever state data analysis and policy recommendations on infant and toddler homelessness. We also led efforts to ensure the smart, strategic, and effective use of the historic $800 million appropriation for children and youth experiencing homelessness provided through the American Rescue Plan Act. Furthermore, we advocated for timely implementation of policies aimed at removing barriers to financial aid for homeless and foster youth. Finally, we advanced bills in four states, continuing our efforts to improve the educational outcomes of homeless students across the country.

SHC 2021 Annual Report

  • Highlights from 2021 include leading advocacy for $800 million in American Rescue Plan Act Homeless Children and Youth Funding, and assisting educators in all 50 state to use these funds strategically; partnering with state advocates to enact 14 state policy reforms that will make a difference for 88,224 homeless youth in 11 states; developing an app to increase the enrollment of young children experiencing homelessness in six states’ Head Start programs; helping unaccompanied homeless youth access financial aid to pursue postsecondary dreams and achieve economic independence; and increasing the involvement of our Youth Leadership & Scholarship recipients in all areas of our work.

SHC 2020 Annual Report

  • While the traumas of 2020 – COVID-19, the economic crisis, systemic racism, and the deep political divisions that tear at the fabric of our nation – are ongoing, we take strength and build resolve from what we were able to accomplish, collectively, in one of the most difficult of years. We hope you’ll be reminded of what can be done – together – even in the face of overwhelming challenges; discover useful resources; and find inspiration in our common cause of overcoming homelessness through education.

SHC 2019 Annual Report

  • In our third year, we extended the depth and breadth of our reach in ways both tangible and intangible. From bills passed to lives changed, we exceeded our goals and began to dream of new ones. We listened deeply to educators, providers, and young people, and helped them become agents of change. We paid tremendous attention to practice, knowing that no law, regulation, or rule ever implemented itself on behalf of vulnerable students and families. We put a premium on building and sustaining relationships across differences, understanding that common core values can be harnessed for a greater collective good. All of these actions resulted in the many accomplishments detailed in statistics and stories in this annual report.

SHC 2018 Annual Report

  • SchoolHouse Connection’s second annual report details our many accomplishments in 2018, including the launch of Education Leads Home, a national campaign to improve educational and life outcomes for homeless children and youth, SHC’s testimonial at a Congressional hearing about the need to reform homeless assistance, partnership with Sesame Street in Communities on the launch of a new homelessness initiative, and many others. Learn more about our accomplishments in 2018, how we integrate young people in all areas of our work, and information about our financial status.

SHC 2017 Annual Report

  • SchoolHouse Connection’s first year was a success, with important policy achievements, robust technical assistance, and leadership from young people in all our programs. Our first annual report provides year-end highlights of SHC’s accomplishments in 2017, goals for the future, and information about our financial status.

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