The American Rescue Plan Act provided $800 million in funding specifically dedicated to support the identification, enrollment, and school participation of children and youth experiencing homelessness, including through wrap-around services. These funds, known as American Rescue Plan-Homeless Children and Youth Funds (ARP-HCY), were released in two phases; however, both Part I and Part II share the same allowable uses.

This document summarizes allowable uses of ARP-HCY funds; provides answers to questions received to date about specific uses; and offers recommendations for strategically using ARP-HCY funds to identify and support children and youth experiencing homelessness. This is a living document that will be updated as additional federal guidance is issued, and as state and local educational agencies continue to use ARP-HCY funds.

Please refer to the U.S. Department of Education’s ARP-HCY page for state award amounts, state plans, and frequently asked questions related to fiscal and programmatic issues. Specific questions can be directed to your state’s McKinney-Vento State Coordinator.

Table of Contents:

  • What overarching principles govern the use of ARP-HCY funds?
  • What is the deadline for drawing down (expending) ARP-HCY funds, and how should this deadline guide SEA and LEA strategies for using ARP-HCY funds?
  • Who should be involved in determining how to use ARP-HCY funds?
  • What are the broad categories of allowable uses of ARP-HCY funds?
  • Questions and Answers Related to Specific Uses of ARP-HCY Funds
    • Capacity Building and Staffing
    • Outreach and Identification
    • Transportation
    • Housing-Related Supports
    • Prepaid Debit and Store Cards
    • Academic Support
    • Wrap-around Services
    • Early Childhood
    • Postsecondary Planning and Transition
    • Data Collection and Reporting
  • Resources

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