About SHC

SchoolHouse Connection is a national non-profit organization working to overcome homelessness through education.

Founded in 2016, SchoolHouse Connection is a national non-profit organization working to overcome homelessness through education. We provide strategic advocacy and practical assistance in partnership with early childhood programs, schools, institutions of higher education, service providers, families, and youth.


To Overcome Homelessness Through Education


Children and youth experiencing homelessness, from prenatal through postsecondary, will have full access to quality learning, so they will never be homeless as adults, and the next generation will never be homeless.

Our Advocacy Principles

Education is Essential

Access to education, from early childhood through post-secondary, gives children and youth the tools to end their homelessness and achieve their dreams.

Grassroots Approach

Change must be rooted in the realities of local communities. We listen and learn, then advocate and implement.

Youth Leadership

Young people are the experts on their experiences, needs and strengths. We must accept their guidance and follow their lead.

Child Development

The lack of housing, good nutrition, health care and other basic needs damages childhood development and has lifelong impacts on health and well-being. The developmental needs of children and youth must be central to all advocacy, program design, outcome measures, and policy.

Prevention Must Be a Priority

We will not solve adult homelessness until the complex realities and comprehensive needs of children and youth take a front seat in federal, state, and local homelessness policy. Intervening early is a key to better life outcomes and preventing future homelessness.

The SchoolHouse Connection Team

Barbara Duffield

Executive Director
Barbara Duffield thumbnail

Anasofia Trelles

K-12 Senior Program Manager
Anasofia Trelles thumbnail

Bree Levy

Federal Policy Fellow
Bree Levy thumbnail

Camille Fleming

Controller and Senior Manager of Operations
Camille Fleming thumbnail

Erin Patterson

Director of Education Initiatives
Erin Patterson thumbnail

Jillian Sitjar

Director of Higher Education Partnerships
Jillian Sitjar thumbnail

Jordyn Roark

Director of Youth Leadership and Scholarships
Jordyn Roark thumbnail

Karen Rice

Senior Program Manager of Education Initiatives
Karen Rice thumbnail

Kevin Spears

Director of Revenue & Operations
Kevin Spears thumbnail

Lance Bordelon

Digital Marketing & Communications Manager
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Leconte Lee

Director of Communications and Marketing
Leconte Lee thumbnail

Nikki Hannon

Education Initiatives Specialist
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Rodd Monts

Director of State Policy
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Roshanda Pinson

Program Manager, Youth Leadership & Scholarships
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Sarah Vrabic

Early Childhood Senior Program Manager
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Thomas J. Lucas (TJ)

Senior Manager, Federal Policy
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The SchoolHouse Connection Board

Chantal Hinds

Board Member
Chantal Hinds thumbnail

Daniel Blessing

Daniel Blessing thumbnail

Jamie Fasteau

Vice President
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Jennifer Pringle

Board Member
Jennifer Pringle thumbnail

Jill Sallows

Jill Sallows thumbnail

Lakeisha Steele

Board Member
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Nicole Rodriguez Leach

Board Member
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Phillip Lovell

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Viviana Otoya

Board Member
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Our Funders

Our work would not be possible without the generous support of our funders:

Our Network

At the core of who we are and what we do is our large national grassroots network. We listen and learn, then advocate and implement.

Our national network includes:

  • young people
  • school district homeless liaisons
  • state coordinators for homeless education
  • federal programs coordinators
  • charter schools
  • early childhood programs
  • higher education institutions and organizations
  • college access programs
  • service providers
  • faith communities
  • local, state, and federal government agencies and offices
  • legal advocacy organizations
  • national and state advocacy organizations for children and youth
  • researchers
  • others who are committed to improving the lives of children and youth experiencing homelessness