Answer: This depends entirely on the best interest of the student. As amended by ESSA, McKinney-Vento presumes that remaining in the school of origin is in the student’s best interest. However, if it truly looks like the student will be stable in District B for 2 years, that would weigh in favor of having the student register in the local school, especially now that we’re at a break between school years. The parent may feel safer having the student closer to where she is residing, as well. On the other hand, there may be factors that weigh in favor of keeping the student in District A, related to the importance of educational stability, peer networks, educational services, etc..  It’s an individualized, student-centered decision.

District A should make the determination based on this student’s circumstances and provide notice of that decision to the parent.  If the district’s determination is contrary to the parent’s wishes, the parent may wish to appeal.

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