Support our young people’s

journey to and through college

With your gift, you ensure we have the resources to address whatever challenges our scholars (Meet SHC’s 2022 Scholars) may encounter – from basic needs to short-term housing to access to mental health care and legal services – so they can get through school, into the workforce, and out of homelessness.

The scholarship alone has given me the opportunity to further my education. More importantly, it has provided me with a community that genuinely wants to see me further my education and even surpass my own goals and expectations.



Having a one-to-one support person is the most surprising part of this award. I feel such relief and a deep sense of security that I have rarely ever felt, and I am headed into college with more enthusiasm and less fear.


North Carolina

New beginnings and doors are opening for me and they give me faith in what the future brings for my education and success as I enter college to pursue nursing. My voice has been heard, and there are people rooting for me.



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